Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Step 2...

It's funny how one phone call can put me in such a good mood! (I'm sure when we get THE important invitation phone call, it will be nothing compared to this though!). Anyway, I just received an email & phone call from our agency. Seems we submitted our home study application instead of our agency application - Whoops! No big deal though, she is sending me an agency application to fill out, along with our contract and more specifics on payment & the Ukraine program. She also said Julie, another social worker, will be contacting us soon (hopefully today) to set up our first home study visit! Yay!! I've never been so excited to have a stranger come into our home and tell us if we're safe enough for a child! Hopefully later today I can post the date of our first home study visit. Anyone out there know what we might expect from this first visit?

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Rachel said...

I had to supress a laugh when I read about your goof, but I can see why you might do that. I bet most of the applications and paper work look similar. However, that is a step in the right direction!!