Wednesday, November 07, 2007

More Paperwork

Today we turned in our actual agency application, along with our contract, our express shipment authorization and some other consent forms. We also have our first home study visit scheduled for next Tuesday (Nov. 13th). Can you guess what I'll be doing this weekend??? Truman did alot of cleaning last weekend and this weekend will be my turn, so he can enjoy his time out in the woods. So, once I turned those papers in, I was given MORE paperwork to be done for the home study. It's nothing that has to be done by Tuesday, but just for the whole thing to be approved. So, in the near future we will be each be writing our life story for our bio, getting fingerprinted in Louisville so they can be sure we are not ex-cons or anything of the sort, send in our immigration paperwork, getting criminal clearances for other states we've lived in in the last 10 years, having physicals and collecting our reference letters. I assume we will be hearing from our Case Manager in the next week or 2 to get started on our dossier. I know it may seem like we are moving fast, but believe me, once the dossier is done our patience will definitely be tested. :) We're very happy that everything is progressing and getting accomplished. Ukraine did add one new "fee" that we were unaware of, but it's one that will better the life for the orphans so I'm A-OK with it. Tonight will be spent reviewing the new paperwork and hopefully getting some ready to send out tomorrow and others ready to be witnessed and notarized tomorrow. At least all that is making the week go by fast!

You may notice the new elements we've added to the page. I admit, we saw it on someone else's site and stole it - but it's a good idea!!!
Thanks for checking in! We love you all!!

Susan & Truman

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Susan -

I really enjoy reading your blog.

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