Monday, November 19, 2007


We got a big step accomplished this morning at the immigration office in Louisville. Being the earlybirds that we are we rushed to L'ville at 6am for our 8:40AM appointment. We had no idea what traffic would be like and we did NOT want to be late for this appt. Needless to say we were very, very EARLY. Good thing there was the fine dining establishment called "White Castle" across the street so we grabbed some breakfast & coffee while we waited. Around 8am we walked over to the courthouse and walked right into the office where our appt. was. The lady went ahead and took our paperwork & payment (of course, they ask for that up front before we can proceed!) then directed us to the basment where our fingerprints would be done. Little did we know, our appt. was only to turn in our paperwork, NOT to get our prints done. We headed downstairs anyway and were told that appts got first priority and "walk-ins" were fit in if they could be. At that point I was preparing myself for a full-day's wait at the immigration office. No need to worry though, in about 15 minutes our names were called, we submitted our fingers to be printed and we were outta there -- at exactly 8:47am. Seven minutes after our appt. I am still in shock that it went so quick.
Just a few more documents are needed for our home study and that will be completed!! We wish you all a happy Thanksgiving - I know we have a lot to be thankful for this year! Love to all!
Susan & Truman


Rachel said...

Hey guys! Way to go! One more step down! Just gotta keep picking away! My letter went into the mail this weekend, so that's another thing to check off. Keep the posts comin'!


Tami said...

Wow! That was quick! Our appointment went similarly...but we had to show up to wait in line at 7 a.m! We were the first in the we were out of there by 8:15. Sigh. Memories. ;)