Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Buried in Paperwork!!

Well, our first home study visit is under our belt and our last visit will be tomorrow. That was quick!! But actually the home study wont be complete until we get certain forms back from the government. I'm anticipating the home study will be complete in 2007. Thank you to my dad for running around this morning getting us a certified copy of our marriage license!! It's hard to get all that IL & IA & IN paperwork since we are in KY. We did receive a list of all the documents that are required for our dossier yesterday. It's all very overwhelming and you wonder how in the world it will get accomplished. My plan is to take a few hours each day and see what I can get done and make appts, etc...It's tense because everything has to be submitted just right - every I dotted and every T crossed. So, the next few months will be spent gathering paperwork, having it ALL notarized and then having it ALL apostilled. Which requires most of it going to Frankfort, KY to the Office of the Secretary of State, some other documents need to go to Indianapolis, IN & Springfield, IL. At least here in KY we are able to hand deliver this stuff and get it done right then and there. It makes me nervous to send these important documents and hope I get them back quickly. But...people do this all the time so hopefully these offices understand and are quick about this sort of thing. Our main focus right now is to dig out from under all this paperwork and pray we get it done right!

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Rachel said...

I don't envy you guys all this paperwork. That's a lot of stuff. I got my letter done and printed and it is going in the mail tomorrow, so that is one more thing you can cross off your list. Please let me know if there in ANYTHING i can do.