Thursday, November 01, 2007

Seuss Pics

my beautiful wife, 1 puppy, The Lorax, and my sweet Truffula trees!
The brown barbaloots eating truffula fruits in their brown barbaloot suits
Singing swammi-swans

one fish, two fish... Can you guess the theme of our child's bedroom?

As per Truman's request (or should I say demand?!) :) I have taken some pictures of the furniture I painted for our future child's room. One I did a while ago, the other I just finished yesterday. Enjoy!

Truman's Note: For those of you who think these look familiar, you are correct. The "one fish" dresser is the Salvation Army purchase I inherited from Fondue in C101 and the Lorax Dresser is/was an FIT Dorm Dresser I brought with me from Roberts Hall to C-building. How did they ever survive this long?!?!

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Rachel said...

Hey guys! What a great job painting the dresser. I had seen the Red Fish Blue Fish one before, but had not seen the Lorax one! Was that all done free hand?? I am very impressed!!