Sunday, November 04, 2007

House Prep

A big thanks goes to my good friend Tony, his dad and brother. They came by the house yesterday and built a closet with a deadbolt lock in our bedroom. The purpose of this closet is to house the accoutrement's of my hobbies and keep them safe from small fingers. I would like to say I helped, but I was mostly just engaged in carrying heavy stuff and ordering lunch. The closet looks great and after a bit of mudding and paint it will look like it has always been there. I fabricated some racks and installed shelves which now hold all of my hobbies in a clean and organized manner. Susan is thrilled to get most of our bedroom floorspace back. Our next step is to THOROUGHLY clean the house top to bottom. Everyone tells us that we don't need to do this for the home inspection, but as anal retentive as Susan and I both are we wouldn't feel right without making sure.I finally feel like we are moving ahead and getting things done. It is busy work to keep from going crazy thinking about what is to come. However, it is productive busy work.



Rachel said...

Hey guys! Thanks for the update. Good to know SOMEONE had a productive weekend! Love you guys!


Leslie said...

Hey Susan and Truman,

I just wanted to let you guys know that we are praying for you and we are so excited to see you through this process! Please let us know if we can help in any other way! Enjoy this time - I know it will be stressful and hard at times - but you'll look back on this time for the rest of your life as one of the most exciting events of your lives! Thank you for sharing all this through the blog - it really is interesting.

mo said...

Susan and Truman---Matt and I might be willing to watch the dogs for you while you are gone. What are 2 more big shedding dogs in my house for 4-6 weeks. I love the dressers! Can't wait to see what happens when you hear from the agency!