Friday, November 09, 2007

Paper, Paper & MORE Paper

So many pieces of paper to fill out with the same information it seems! Still - every day we are getting more accomplished and one more thing checked off the long list of to-do's. We have our fingerprinting appt. with U.S. Immigration for next Monday. Darn - that will require a morning off work to get that taken care of. :) Yesterday, I sent in our KY State Police clearance and Child Abuse & Neglect clearance. Yesterday I also wrote the first draft of my autobiography. It turned out to be about 4 pages. Soon we will need to get physicals, and then it's pretty much waiting on other papers to be returned to us with an official stamp that should say "YES! They are good people who should become parents today!". Wonder what would happen if the government made every pregnant woman fill out all these papers each time she had a child?! Maybe I will lobby for that once this process is over and done?! LOL - I doubt it, but it's a thought!
The past few nights I have just not been sleeping well. I can tell I am dreaming about our traveling time in Ukraine, but cannot see any clear pictures of what we are doing. All I know is that I'm constantly waking up during the night and getting no good sleep. I hope this does not continue for the next year! If I'm going to be waking up multiple times in the night I want it to be for a child and not because I'm feeling anxious!!! Last night Truman and I were at Sportsmans Warehouse and saw cute camo/outdoorsy kids clothes. Soon...very soon we'll be able to buy those. Not yet though...
Well, I didn't really have anything specific to report, just felt like writing today. Thanks for checking in today!


Rachel said...

Well, sounds like you guys are making good progress. I know we just talked tonight, but I should be getting that letter done and in the mail before Wednesday this week. So that will be one more thing you can check off your list! I know that when I have had a hard time sleeping due to anxiety I have taken an over the counter sleep aid and it really did help. I am sure that once you get more and more into the process the anxiety will eventually lessen. One thing that MIGHT help lessen the anxiety is to buy a travel guide for the Ukraine. Then you can read about the country and see photos and even have hotel, restaurant, and other reccomendations!! Just a thought. I know it helped when I went to Guatemala. Talk to you Friday if not before!


Jamie - soon to be "Aunt Jamie!" said...

Oh my gosh, YES! I agree that any pregnant woman should have to fill out all those papers and get "cleared!" I will back you on your lobbying for that one! AMEN! p.s. Can you tell what I do for a living??? haha

Kelsey said...

This site is you guys!