Thursday, December 20, 2007

Silver Lining...

For those of you who read my earlier post in full, you noticed that they were accepting unlimited referrals for "handicapped children". We have just heard from our agency that their definition of a handicapped child is very broad. They have said it can apply to severe cases (HIV) to asthma. If America defined an asthmatic child as "handicapped" many more people would be classified as such. We also have learned that Eastern European countries are quick to diagnose a "handicap" that we would not necessarily consider a problem at all. Many children are actually misdiagnosed. Sad for them, but good (I guess) for the people who want to adopt. Our agency remains optimistic about our upcoming travels and that is great news to have this time of year. I guess you could say we are going up, up, up on this roller coaster ride. Thanks for following along!!
Su & Tru


Leslie said...

Susan and Truman,

I know you guys will find your child you are meant to have... you are both in our constant prayers, thanks for all the updates.


timgrossman said...

Theresa and I are praying for you. I can not believe all of the stuff you have had to do. I know you guys will make great parents.


MamaPoRuski said...

Hello from the fellow adoptive parents! We have been following your for a little while and thought we'd share that there is a yahoo Ukraine adoption group and someone has posted the actual codes and diagnoses for each condition if you are interested in joining. It is at
Also, we will pray that God gives you wisdom and peace about the direction your family will go! Blessings!

Christine said...

Thanks for the news. Are you adopting a child with special needs?