Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year!

We are hoping for an exciting 2008!! Our approved home study should be making it's way to our Case Manager in Florida this week. Yay! We should also get a hard copy of it this week. One more dossier document down! Actually we are doing really good on our part getting all our documents together. Looks like after this week we will be only waiting on our I-171H (approval of our petition to adopt an orphan) from US Immigration offices. This is usually the last document families are waiting on. We hope it can get to us by March 1st. That has been our planned date to submit our dossier. I have to admit, I did something this weekend I said I wasn't going to do until we got our travel date....I bought kids stuff. However, I did only buy clearanced items and nothing was over $5 each. Since we have no idea what size or boy or girl, I tried to stick with some gender neutral clothes in 3T & 4T. We also got some kids card games that will be easy to travel with. I have to thank my hubby for indulging in my need to buy some kids stuff. It's so much fun!! :) We checked out some hiking/camping type backpacks for our trip too. It didn't take long for Truman to sell me on using these instead of 2 suitcases a piece for the trip. Being the planner/organizer I am, I also created a pre-travel list (eg...things to buy before, what to pack, things to do at home before we leave, etc...).
We have also heard rumblings of Ukraine eliminating the quotas, or at least having just one major quota (w/ all countries combined). Either way, that's better for us than the limited quotas before. Nothing has been said officially, but we are staying positive and still hoping to travel this year! (yay! I finally can say we should be traveling THIS YEAR!)
I will post again when we have more news to share!
Happy 2008!


Tami said...

YEA...on getting all that stuff done! That's great! You're almost there.

Most Prepossessing said...

I'm glad things seem to be heading in the right direction.