Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Agency Response

Our agency finally got back to us regarding these new quotas. Here is an excerpt from their response:
"Another point is that the SDAPRC has been known to change its procedures and policies since its incorporation in 2006. It is important to remember that the quota system is not a law but just the arbitrary numbers adopted by the organization. There are possible exceptions to the rule, not yet publicly announced."

The agency is remaining optimistic, as are we, that this program will continue to operate and that we can still envision our trip there next fall. We did receive our very first apostilled document back from the State of IL. Whooohoo! That was the only document that needed to be mailed out of state, all the others are done in Frankfort (one bonus of living near the capital city!). We also started our Parent Education last night. It's an online course with some questions attached, but I think it will be a good avenue for discussion for us.
In the meantime, we continue to keep up with other families who are either in country now or are preparing just like us. Some are very inspiring stories of children & parents finding each other and others not so much. All we can do is stay patient and flexible and know at the end of this journey we WILL have a child to call our own. Merry Christmas!!
Love, Susan & Truman

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Rachel said...

Susan!! That really is good news. It is good to hear that the agency is keeping optimistic about those quotas! I will keep my fingers crossed and say a prayer each day for you guys!