Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Another step is out of the way! We got our fingerprints done - the old fashion way with ink - at our county police station. Next step with that is to send them off to WV to the FBI and *hope* they come back clean. :) Shouldn't be a problem though. Please pray they move fast there, it could take from 1-10 weeks to get the clearances back. Today is the day we both go back to pick up our medical forms, please also pray that these are filled out correctly as that is all we are waiting on to have a completed home study. I dreamt last night about our trip to the orphanage; it started with selecting a girl, but ended back at home with a boy. Wonder what that means?!? Other dossier documents are coming along, several are ready to be notarized. I hope this post finds you well, thanks for checking in. And if you have time, please follow along with some other families who are currently in country - either awaiting their first SDA appointment or who are finalizing their adoptions and making travel plans home. Please pray for their smooth process & their trips home.

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