Monday, December 03, 2007


We had a fun weekend, complete with a Christmas party at the distillery and a visit to the Ukrainian church. This coming weekend we are hoping to get a Christmas tree up and decorated. Only TWO more documents are needed for our home study - the medical forms. I should have mine on Wednesday and hopefully Truman will have his by Friday. So - the goal is to be complete with that this week! That will be a huge step completed! We are now digging more into the dossier - if anyone knows how to get someone at the State of IL to call you back - please let me know!!! Our marriage certificate is the only thing we need to send out of state to be apostilled, yet no one will call me back and tell me where to send it and what the fee is. I guess I will have to be persistant. We have also started talking about what to pack for our 2-month long "camping trip" (as Truman put it). So, my question is to the families who have gone through this - what are the things on the "must pack" list and what kinds of stuff should we just buy when we get there? Yes, I know it's a long way off, but it's something to keep our minds occupied in the meantime! Thanks for keeping up - check back soon!!

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Rachel said...

My Aunt Nancy works for the State of Illinois. I will email her with your question. She should be able to tell you the answers or tell you who can. I will let you know...just email me and tell me exactly what you need to know.