Monday, December 10, 2007


That is the nature of international adoption - "...parents must be flexible and willing to accept change..." We have been told this is pretty much inevitable right from the beginning, but it's still a shock to the system when it happens. So, what has changed? Well, nothing yet, but it could in a big way. Ukraine issues quotas on how many American dossiers they will accept in a years time. Currently they are not accepting any new American dossiers, but have to reopen that process come January 15th. We knew that and it's no big deal since we are shooting for somewhere around March. However, we have heard via our Ukrainian rumor-mill that quotas for 2008 are very low - 32 to be exact, for a child under 5 yrs. Under 500 in total for children of all ages/needs. These numbers have not officially been determined, so we are still holding out hope that this is not the case and they will allow many more American dossiers to be registered. If these numbers are the case, we may need to re-evaluate where we stand - do we wait longer? do we open up our age range? do we think about another country? (the last one is a last resort I think). Regardless, we are still pursuing all of our paperwork as planned. I am Fed-Ex'ing out our fingerprints today to the FBI and am hoping they are quick at processing everything. Other than that, we are on the ball with everything else and will be hovering over the mailbox for the next couple months waiting on those very important documents that should be arriving. Have a great week!!
Love, Susan & Truman

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Rachel said...

It is good that you know these things on advance, but do you know when you will hear officially about the quotas? I will keep my fingers crossed! Who knows, maybe you guys will be one of the 32!! I wonder why they do that of there are children available??