Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Yes, it's true -- the dossier is FINISHED! And there was much rejoicing, yea! Truman got the remaining documents certified & apostilled today in Frankfort and called me from the steps of the capital building to say it was DONE!! You might find yourself asking us, "Now What?". We send it to the Florida branch of our agency, get it translated and then we wait....and wait...for how long, we're not exactly sure. Three months? 12 months? We are hoping for somewhere in between that time frame. We have gotten some great advice from fellow adoptive parent friends to focus our time on each other before we have a little one demanding all of our attention. That is what we plan to do. What a huge weight lifted off our shoulders!
If you have time, please try to follow along with two other families linked on this blog -- Kelly & Steve are adopting 2 little boys and the Johnson Family is hoping to adopt a little girl. They have both just arrived in Ukraine and I look forward to following along with them as well. If you are interested in what might happen to us while we are in country, their stories might help answer some of your questions (and ours too!).
Love, Su & Tru

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