Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dossier Processing

It's the regularly scheduled blogger here! Just wanted to give a quick update to say that our dossier arrived unharmed via Fed-Ex to Florida and our Case Manager had no comments on it. This is really good news, as it means we do not have to re-do any paperwork. She will be sending it to Ukraine where it will take 3-4 weeks to be translated, then wait to be submitted to the SDA (adoption office in Ukraine). We're told 3-12 months, but other families seem to have been waiting longer than that 12 month time frame. Of course, they dealt with program shut-downs & reached quotas for 2007. We hope that doesn't happen to us!! Hopefully our wide age-range we have requested will speed us up - but who really knows?! It's a strange feeling to know that someone in Ukraine is finally going to be seeing our dossier, it just makes this that much more real!! I wish there was something we could do to put us on the top of that waiting list, but I know that's not possible! We keep thinking it will happen this Fall - I hope we are right!


Momma said...

Yay!! Glad to hear the FL case worker was able to forward the dossier without other requests. I just knew you had covered all the bases though! That's my highly organized Susan! Way to go!

April said...

Hi Susan & Truman, I just received your comment, but I couldn't find an email to send you a reply!! So, I'll do it here. :) Honestly, I have no idea how we were able to get submitted & receive our travel date so quickly as compared with other families who have been waiting. (There were no "expediting fees" paid as far as I know!!!) I do know that our facilitator over there, who only works with agencies, is one of the very best and most respected facilitators... And so they may have been able to get to the front of the line somehow?? Or maybe since they have such a large team of people who work with them, maybe they just had members of their team holding spots in line for when their families became ready??? I don't know. I wish you all good luck with your adoption & I hope that things move more quickly for you now that we have a new year! ♥ April

Aunt Jamie said...

This fall would be great! Hopefully he/she can be with you and we can do the baptism of your new God son then!

Chris and Virginia said...

Hi Susan,
As per April's comment, it all depends on who you know (in this case, who the facilitator knows - it's their culture). Timing is dependent on so many variables that we just don't understand. Again, a cultural thing. From what I understand, it depends on the facilitators connections as to how fast and to a certain degree, who your are shown (this is of course pure conjecture on my part).

As for our submission, we haven't submitted our dossier to the SDA yet. It's been over there since October and had just missed the quota closure.

As for your timeline, I'd expect that you should be traveling this spring or summer. It took about 3 days to have our dossier translated when it got to Ukraine. I'd be interested in exchanging stories if you like, but not on the blogs. It's looking like we are in nearly the same place.

We'll be following your journey as both of you progress. I found this part of the wait to be the worst. You have no control over the process from here, they work at their own speed.
higgmeister @ nvbell dot net (minus spaces).

Christine said...

I hope it is quicker than 12 months. :)

Staci and Damon said...

Congratulations! I hope it is submitted quickly!