Friday, March 13, 2009

8 months

Emmy turned 8 months old yesterday, and it was supposed to be marked with the finalization of her adoption. As it is...the one & only judge in our small KY town called in sick. What are the odds, really??! Since she only hears adoption cases once a month, we now have to wait until April.
Em has been doing well the last month. She really jabbers up a storm at us and loves to watch the dogs. We have introduced her to Mickey, Minnie, Donald & Goofy on Mickey's Playhouse Disney and she loves watching them on Saturday morning. It's fun to watch her shake her little body when the music comes on. We have been having some sleeping issues, but we keep trying different things to see what will work in helping her sleep better at night. She's had lots of visitors this month - Granny P from Illinois & G'ma & G'pa C from FL, and Aunt Sheryl have all come to see her (and us!). More friends & family are coming in the next few weeks. Emmy does well with the "new" people and doesn't seem to mind other people besides mom & dad taking care of her. Emmy & Daddy will have a fun weekend together soon so I can go to IL and have a fun girls weekend.
Our computer at home took a nose dive, so more pictures will have to wait.

S,T & E


pattiphil said...

What's going on? If you guys have another website with more info, please let me know. I check this one often but noticed you only update on Emmy's bday. I'm out of the loop!!
Love you all!

Christine said...

Emmy is so precious!