Sunday, April 12, 2009

9 months (& Happy Easter!)

Emmy K is 9 months old today! Emmy celebrated Easter today with mommy, daddy, Uncle Q, Aunt Jamie, and cousins Jayden & Jarek. We hunted Easter eggs, ate candy, went to the park and had a nice nap in the afternoon. What fun!! Em is still getting icky ear infections, so we are seeing the ENT doc tomorrow to talk about tubes. Poor baby....but I'm sure it'll be much better for her to get them. Emmy is not crawling quite yet, but after seeing how mobile her cousin is, maybe she'll start thinking about it. After WE saw how mobile her cousin is....I'm thinking "hold off a little bit longer!" HA! Emmy continues to babble up a storm, who knows what she is talking of these days I'm sure we'll find out. She is such a joy and such a blessing, we can't remember life without her. See more cute pictures below.



Tami said...

She is SO precious! :) Happy Easter!

D Boogie said...

Those cheeks look very pinchable!