Thursday, February 12, 2009

7 Months!

Emmy is 7 months old today! Time is sure flying by these days. Since 6 mo. we have explored lots of new foods and gotten over yet another ear infection. So far she will eat anything we give her, but her favorites seem to be sweet potatoes, green beans & bananas. We have learned that her body just does not react well to carrots & pears. We'll have the allergist check on those next time we go, I guess! Developmentally she is doing good - right on track. She has rolled only a few times, but the doctor says that bigger babies have a harder time rolling (especially ones with broad shoulders like our little Em). He was not at all concerned about it, and said a greater indicator of development was sitting on her own. She gets better at that every day. We now feel comfortable setting her on the floor and letting her play by herself. Of course, we are always within view to keep an eye on our two 4-legged creatures!! She has started mimicking what we are doing with our mouths - whether it be spitting, sticking her tongue out or making a "pop" sound with her lips and her favorite game right now is "peek-a-boo". Emmy is easily distracted from whatever she is doing when the dogs walk by. She loves to look at them and I'm sure she's thinking, "man, I want to crawl all over them and pull their ears and that tail!".
Emmy continues to be a good natured baby, despite her ability to squeal at the top of her lungs. :) We think she is going to be quite the talker when she is older. She is constantly babbling, "hiiii da da da da...."...we're working on "not da da ... MA MA MA". She'll get there.... :)
Truman and I are doing well. Very, very thankful we are both still working despite the poor ecomony. We have been very blessed!
I have posted more pics below!


Who put this goofy hat on me??

Can I tell you a secret??

Talking to the Venus-dog!

Playing with her favorite ABC toy!

Pretty in Pink!

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