Tuesday, January 13, 2009


OK, so I'm a day late in the 6 month update, but who really noticed, right? Emmy has found her feet & toes and loves to take hold of them any time she is on her back. We are still working on the rolling over, but she has started to sit up for a few minutes on her own. Once she reaches for something though, over she goes :) We have found some ticklish armpits on our little one. It's so funny when we occassionally get a giggle out of her. Emmy continues to be a good eater - she has now mastered cereal and we have moved on to Sweet Potatoes with no allergic reaction. Next is carrots. mmm..mmm...good stuff.

Normally when the 3 of us are out somewhere and people comment on Emmy, they will say she looks more like Truman. Little do they know, right? :) Anyway, it doesn't bother us at all. But the other day we got an original, honest comment. Someone said, "Is this your little girl?". We said, "Yes" and he says, "Well, she doesn't look anything like either of you". It cracked us up! Nope, she doesn't :)
I have posted a few pictures below of our last month with Emmy. She's growing like a weed and we love it!
S,T & E

I'm 6 months old today!!
Chewing on daddy's hat (yes, imagine the germs!!) But all that slobber is from Emmy!!
Emmy & Venus - check out the wild hair!! When we first put her in this exersaucer, we had to put a towel in front of her to keep her up. Not anymore!!


Staci and Damon said...

Look at Emmy's beautiful head of hair - I love it!! I am glad to hear that things are going so well for the three of you!

Erin said...

Thanks so much for the comment you left on my blog - I'd love to pass your cousin's site onto my cousin who just left for St. Jude on Sunday with her sweet girl. It's encouraging to hear that your cousin's daughter continues to be a fighter!

By the way, your daughter is absolutely precious!!! What a blessing!