Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas fun!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! It was great fun to get up with our little one on Christmas morning and see what Santa had brought for her :) We went to Christmas Eve services and Emmy enjoyed listening to all the music. She woke us up bright & early Christmas morning around 6am (not for presents, but to EAT!). After all the presents were unwrapped and the dogs were fed, we hopped in the car for our 6 hr. drive to Indiana to spend the rest of the weekend with Truman's family. Em was held by everyone, and was a real tropper about it all. We even kept her out past her bedtime Saturday night for Grandpa Butch's retirement party. She was out like a light as soon as we left the party! This Christmas is the first of many memorable ones I'm sure. Hope you all had a great Christmas & have a Happy New Year! Enjoy the few pictures below.
S,T & E

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adoptedthree said...

She is adorable! What a true Christmas blessing!