Friday, December 12, 2008

5 Months

Has it really been a whole month since I last posted?? AND...has it really been 5 months since we've been parents???!!! Where does the time go? This last month has been full of growing, learning and healing. Growing because our little girl was 17lbs at her last check up and in the 90th percentile of other babies her age. She quickly grew out of her 3/6 month clothes and is now comfortably wearing straight 6 months and soon will be in 6/9 mo. clothes I'm sure. Good thing she has a closet full of clothes all the way to 18 months!!! When I say this month was one of healing, I mean that I think we have finally gotten the breathing & eczema under control. Poor thing has to have breathing treatments daily, but they really seem to be helping. We saw the allergist and she has a few allergies -- and a slight reaction to the dogs. As much as we want them to be best buddies and play together, that's just not in the cards right now for Emmy. We have been keeping them out of her room and away from her as much as possible. Right now, they are really getting the shaft, but we try to give them lots of love at night after Emmy is asleep. They are good dogs and aren't really showing any jealousy signs. For that we are thankful! Emmy is learning that her "squeals, cries & general noisiness" will get mom & dad's attention. :) Hmmmm...I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing?? She is quite the stinker sometimes when she cries, but then we walk in the room and she's all smiles. Yeah, we're wrapped....what can we say?? She is starting to hold objects and put them directly into her mouth. Her favorite "chew toys" are her fingers or whatever blanket she happens to be holding. She has been drooling so much, I'm surprised we haven't seen teeth yet. Maybe by our 6 month update??? Since she has been feeling better, and showing all other signs that she's ready, we have been feeding her some cereal. Yay!! She enjoys it in the evenings and kicks her feet in excitement when it's time for the next bite!
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family in Illinois! Emmy got plenty of attention and showed off her "talking" skills to anyone who would listen :) We are busy getting ready for Christmas and look forward to sharing our Christmas day with our daughter this year, as well as traveling to Indiana to spend the holidays with Truman's family.

Not quite 5 months old here. This was in the car on our way home from IL

Go 'Cats!!

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