Wednesday, November 12, 2008

4 Months!!

Baby Emmy is 4 months old today!! This month has been full of learning & development for her. Remember that I wrote in her 3 month blog that she was sick? Well, it never quite went away. We had been following the doctor's advice, but she never really got better. It all escalated last Friday when the daycare called to say she was so congested that she was having trouble breathing. I quickly left work and made a dr.'s appt. for that afternoon. Three hours, 2 chest X-rays, 2 breathing treatments and numerous pokes & prods from the doctor later....we leave the office with FIVE prescriptions! Poor thing had ear infections in both ears (in our defense...she NEVER had a fever, she didn't give us any signs that her ears were bothering her), had some liquid steriods for her congestion, an inhaler for the wheezing, topical steriod for the dry skin, suggestions to switch her formula to a hypoallergenic brand, suggestions to use Eucerin & Aquaphor more often than we currently do, referral to a Pediatric Allergist and instructions to bathe her only twice a week. OH! And the kicker - no solid foods until 6 months. Dang - I was looking forward to starting cereal tonight, but we will do what's best for her!! Let me just say....ALL of this combined has done wonders for our little girl!!! She was always a pretty good baby....but now - she is even more so.
Her dry skin (especially on her face) has cleared up, Her congestion cleared up so fast that she was back to sleeping on her back by Saturday night, and she is even more chatty than usual. The one side effect is that she is not eating as much as she once was. But, that could be a result of some of her meds.
Other than being sick, she has really started to grab at toys dangling in front of her. She enjoys having a blanket or bib to pull at and hold while she's eating. She has been kicking & pulling her feet up more, but not grabbing at her feet yet. She still does NOT like to be on her tummy much, but her head control is great. She can sit up pretty well with the assistance of the boppy. She is growing, growing, growing every day. We are all looking forward to spending some time with Truman's sister & her family this weekend. Then it will be time to travel to IL for Thanksgiving!!
Five months will be here before we know it!!

Until then...

S,T & E

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Patty said...

Poor sick baby girl! But OMG she is PRECIOUS.