Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Our new normal

Today was my second day back to work and Em's 2nd day at daycare. All the teachers love her (of course!) and say that she's such a good baby. I am enjoying being back at work and getting back into what will be my new routine. We are all still making adjustments, but it seems to get better each day. Each day we are learning more about parenting and more about our beautiful daughter. Thanks to all our friends & family who have given us such great advice!!

Since the last blog, we have traveled to IL, IN & MO. Em is quite the pro at riding in the car, sleeping in the car, feeding in the car.....actually she is a pretty good traveling companion. We stop for her to eat, we get to stretch our legs, then she promptly returns to uninterrupted slumber. (at least that's how it goes most of the time, she does cry & fuss on occassion) :) Our families threw us incredible Dr. Seuss showers and they helped us fill Em's closet with so many cute clotes from 3 mo - 18 mo!!! As well as give us many much needed baby items. Our latest roadtrip was to Missouri to attend court. That was a huge milestone as we are now legal guardians of our little girl!!! There were several other families there at the same time for the same reason and it was nice to chat with them for a while about their experiences.

She will be 2 mo. on Friday so she still isn't doing a whole lot of "fun" stuff, but we have gotten some really cute smiles. (whether it's gas or hiccups coming on, I don't care - she still has a cute smile!) She continues to be a good eater and boy she knows how to let us know when she's hungry!!! Em is also starting to sleep longer at night and we have been blessed with the timing of it all!! Just as I'm ready to go back to work, she started sleeping until about 5:30-6am (with no waking up from about 9:30-10pm!). Perfect timing! She also really enjoys bath time and getting outside in her stroller for walks and she has truly found her thumb!! (sorry for the next part Aunt Patti...) She loves to suck (LOUDLY!) on her hand and her thumb. We have tried repeatedly trading the thumb for the paci, but to no avail. So, we let her go and let her do her thing. If it's thumbsucking or fussing...I'm all for the thumbsucking. Gotta maintain your sanity somehow, right??

Below are a few pictures of our little darlin'!


She's smiling because she's excited for "school"!!

The dogs adore Miss Em!

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