Friday, September 12, 2008


In her new Bumbo seat!

Our baby girl is two months old today! She is still a little unstable in the seat, but her head control gets better each day. We'll put her in the seat a few minutes each day until she can sit on her own. Em is doing well in daycare -- all the teachers love her of course!! Mommy is doing good going back to work (except for coming down with a cold - which we are trying to keep from the baby, but we are pretty sure she's going to catch the crud too!) Daddy is also doing good at work and we are all getting used to our new normal. Bourbon Festival is coming up this weekend and Aunt Raq & Aunt MO are coming to stay with Miss Emmy. We look forward to a weekend away (and maybe some sleeping in!!), but I know we'll miss our little girl. She'll be in awesome hands though and we know she'll be spoiled rotten when we come back on Sunday.

As far as working with the agency that closed it's doors on us....we are working on getting some money back from their insurance company. Who knows if it will work, but we have to try. It blows our mind that they can keep our money and the money of all the other families they were "working" with. We did have our first Post Placement Visit with the new agency last week. Everything was great with that, and we will have one more visit in a couple more weeks at our home. All they are looking for is to make sure Emmy has a room/bed. Yep - got that one covered!!

Every day is still an adjustment, but we still look at our daughter in awe sometimes and know that she was meant to be ours!


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Christine said...

How wonderful! I am still amazed at hoe God works. Your daughter is just beautiful and growing so fast!