Thursday, October 09, 2008


Well, I see it's been awhile since we updated you on our baby girl. She will be 3 months old on Sunday and I think it's been the quickest 3 months of our lives!! Since I last updated we have spent our first weekend apart from Emmy so we could go to Bourbon Fest in Bardstown, KY. Thank you so much to my good friends, Rachel & Melissa, for coming to spend the weekend with Em. I only wish I could have spent more time with them. But, I'm quickly learning that when you have a baby, it's not about YOU anymore. It's about THEM! We have also completed our "post-placement" requirement for the state of KY. Whoohoo! All that's left to do on that front is to get a court date in our county and finalize. All that should happen before 2008 is over. We also visited the doctor twice. Once for a cold that she got from her mama(poor girl was so congested and coughing!) and 3 days later for her first round of shots. Em weighed in at 13 lbs, 10 oz and 23-3/4" long - that puts her in the 70th percentile according to the doctors charts. She hollered during the shots, but calmed down pretty easy and fell asleep on the car ride home. She is still trying to get over the cold, so in the meantime she continues to sleep in the carseat at night to help with the congestion. Speaking of sleeping.....this baby is a gem at night. Since 8 weeks old (give or take a night or 2 for whatever reason), she has been sleeping through the night. I give all the credit to following the "Babywise" philosophy. It's a feed/wake/sleep pattern that you start from Day 1 and it has worked wonders for us (and for several friends!). There have been no other huge issues for her other than the yucky dry skin. That is why her face is so red in the picture. It gets so dry, she starts rubbing her face against her hands or against our shoulders or in the crook of our elbow if we are holding her. Finally we wised up and started putting on vaseline-type stuff and it has cleared up pretty good. But, going into colder weather will probably not help the dry skin. We'll just keep her slathered up each night!
Truman and I seem to be adjusting quite well. I can now say, "what did we do with our time before she came along??". Sometimes it's so cool just to sit and watch her and try to get her to smile at us. (which comes REALLY easy in the morning!!) She is quite the talker and happy to chat back & forth to us most of the time. The teachers at her daycare love her. One even said the other day that she came in early to hold her because she didn't get to the previous day.'s good to hear those kinds of things.
The dogs are still doing good with Emmy. I catch her watching them every once in a while, so I know they will all be good friends. They greet her just like they greet us when we come home -- with kisses! She doesn't seem to mind one or 2 kisses. :) Tonight we are off to an event at the distillery. She has so many admirers there, so I know we'll enjoy ourselves. Then next weekend Grandma Peggy is coming to visit & we'll get some 3 mo. pictures done. I'll try to do a better job at updating this blog a little more often. Thanks for reading...

S,T & E


Tami said...

She is so precious! I'm so glad she's doing so well for you.
One suggestion on the dry skin. Alek had trouble with it as a toddler...they thought for awhile that it might be excema. They finally figured out that is was just dry and sensative so the doctor told us to only bath him (at the most) two times per week and use a mild soap called 'Cetaphil'. IT WORKED WONDERS! I used for several years, especially during the winter. If you're interested you can find it at fact they have a generic that works pretty well too.

Christine said...

She is just adorable! I am so happy for you guys. Soon it will be official!