Saturday, May 03, 2008

SDA Appt.

Is October 11th. At least according to the dream I had last night. HA! Had ya going there for a minute, didn't I? I wonder what the significance is of that date or why it appeared in my dream. That date should be more like a homecoming date. It wasn't much of a dream, it just appeared on the outside of a package I received at home. It said "SDA 10/11/08 - 11/11/08". Now, all you other families know the SDA doesn't give you a RETURN date. LOL! That's just craziness :) Anyway, if you've been reading along this whole time you know that I like to jot down my adoption-related dreams so I can come back after this is all done and see if there was any scary truths to them.
On another note...I am rooting for "Recapturetheglory" & "Cool Coal Man" in the Derby today. Too bad all the Derby-goers will be watching in the rain today. I will be watching from the comfort of my living room.
UPDATE: I guess the weather cleared up for Derby Day in Louisville. Neither of my horses won me anything, but it was exciting to watch them try. Congrats to Big Brown for winning the roses. (yes, I have gotten into horse racing since moving to KY!)


adoptedthree said...

That would be an awesome time to be in Ukraine. Fall has the best temperatures! Maybe...

Christine said...

It would be great if your dream came true. :)