Tuesday, May 20, 2008


That's what it feels like we are getting. Oh how I wish we would have done things differently from the beginning of this adoption process. But to change things now would feel like one giant step backwards. All we want is a child, just one...I just don't understand why it has to be so hard. As I suspected we did not get submitted **again** on 5/17; nor on 5/19. Supposedly our facilitator is taking our dossier tomorrow....yeah, right...I don't hold out much hope for that either. My understanding is that we either have an appointment to submit or we don't. Obviously if we are not given firm dates, we don't have an appointment. What kind of crooked dealings are we getting into?! The latest blow, in what seems like a series of blows recently, is really starting to test my faith and ability to continue along this path. I hope & pray that tomorrow brings better news.


Christine said...

Hi guys. I am so sorry about what is going on. Have you ever thought of changing facilitators?

Jim and Heather Smith said...

Hello. I'm sorry to hear about your news. I would suggest taking a look at your timeline and see where you think you should be. According to my own timeline, you are a couple of months behind us. We pre-registered in December and you in March. We just got our submission date of June 2nd. I sure hope this helps. You should have a specific date as well and we received a 2 week notice before our actual submission date -- that we just got last Friday. You have my email and feel free to contact me if I can answer any questions or help out in any way. Heather

David & Monica said...

Susan and Truman, I am so sorry to hear of this latest set back. Have you considered changing facilitator. They come in all sizes and flavors and we have been blessed with the best of the best. I agree with Jim and Heather as the number formula does hold very true (in all this mess this does appear to be consistent). Feel free to email me and I can go through the numbers & dates I know of. Deep breath, big prayer, and drink may help :-?

Christine said...

Any news? Just thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan:
What I meant was your submission in line appears to be in March according to your blog. So, I'm thinking you will be fine -- but maybe just a little early. We actually pre-registered in December. Hang in there. Heather

Joy Rae said...

Hello! I came across your blog today, and am so excited for you! I am sorry to hear of your troubles you are having. My husband and I adopted from Ukraine this last November and are going again, and the waiting (and hoping everything is going as it should in Ukraine) is the hardest part.

Did you go independently?

Hoping for the best!


Staci and Damon said...

Susan and Truman -

I hate to hear what is going on with your submission! We're thinking of you. Know that we're here if you need to talk/vent!!!
Love - Staci and Damon

Chris and Virginia said...

Hang in there. Things work in mysterious ways there; at least to us who don't know their system. We are truly sorry to hear these setbacks. Have you found out who your facilitator is and can you contact them directly. It may also be possible that a couple there can check the submission sheet at the SDA. Just trying to put a smile on you :).