Friday, March 07, 2008


First of all, I have to say that NO ONE reading this blog has offended me or has said anything along the lines of my previous post. :) Thank you all for your concern though. It was all the doing of one stupid person and maybe we should have taken the time to educate her on adoption stuff...but frankly, we didn't want to waste our time on her. I just need to learn to have a thicker skin and brush those kind of comments off. I'm learning....just as I'm learning, the hard way, to have patience. I have always been impatient (thanks Mom!) and this waiting on others to process our paperwork is torture sometimes. It feels like we are contantly waiting on something....a response via email, a phone call, the doctor to send us updated paperwork for our dossier, another email's never ending. You start to wonder if the day you are home with your child will ever come.

On a more positive note, we have been attending the International Adoption (IA) Seminar in Cincinnati for the past 2 Saturday's. We are really enjoying it and learning alot. Personally, I think it applies to issues in domestic & IA. We are meeting some great families adopting from all over the world. It's great to have that bond with them as they know exactly how we feel and vice versa.

I hope my previous post did not scare anyone away from asking questions. We are happy to answer questions about our adoption, and if you offend us we will just tell you instead of ranting on this blog! :) LOL


Patty said...

I just followed you over from myspace - I didn't know you were adopting! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you and wish you luck and blessings through the whole process. :)

I have some very close friends who have adopted or are in the process of adoption. You're in my prayers (and I'm going to e-mail you an invite to my weight-loss blog - it's private b/c I am a wuss. LOL.)

Momma said...

You are welcome! I think you are appropriately patient and impatient as the need arises. What's that old saying ... "the squeaky wheel gets the..." Anyway, you are good just the way you are! Love Ya!

Christine said...

I think it is great that you are taking additional classes. They will come in handy!