Thursday, March 27, 2008

It Makes Sense

We received information yesterday that we are assured a spot in the SDA's 2008 quota's for our adoption. It's very good news and helps us to rest easy for now. We are hoping our dossier can be submitted this summer (or earlier!), which would mean we should travel in the fall sometime. That's our best case scenario, but things can always change at the drop of a hat. It would make sense then that I had another adoption-related dream last night. I like to blog about these dreams so later on I can look back and see if there was any meaning in them. So this particular dream involved our SDA appointment, except Truman was not there. It was just me and my good friend Melissa. The director pulled out 2 files, but not really "files" just very very small pictures of each child, smaller than wallet size photos. The first one we looked at was a picture of a boy, maybe 4-5 yrs old, with dark shaggy hair in some sort of running pose. But he had turned his head so we could not see his face. Without even looking at the 2nd "file" I accepted this referral (and Melissa was just as excited about it as me!). I even remember the region he was in - Kharkiv. We were not able to call that particular orphanage director to ask any further questions, we just had to take a leap of faith and hope this child was the one. I remember the feeling of such excitement, hope, nervousness, fear, etc..that I'm sure I'll feel when it's done for real. Of course, as dreams do, it ended before finding anything else out about the little boy.
Remind me to revisit these dreams after all is completed and see if we really did travel to the Kharkiv region to adopt a little boy with dark hair. (although, I doubt it will be shaggy as most boys I've seen pictures of have the shaven head look)
Like always, we'll post when there is another "exciting" step crossed!


Tami said...

How interesting that you knew the region. I didn't even know the region's names before we traveled. You're right about the photo sizes...they're tiny! I'm so glad you have confirmation of a slot. That's great. It will be here before you know it! ;)

Patty said...

YAY for your slot!!!

Your dream made me feel all mushy!! ♥