Monday, October 29, 2007

Ukraine Webinar

Hello again! Each day we get closer & closer to getting this process going. We have filled out our application and are just waiting to hear back from some friends on their information to list them as references for us. I anticipate us turning this application in this week sometime. We have already begun doing some minor things at home to get ready for the home-study. We needed to have more smoke detectors and a CO detector and a couple fire extinguishers handy. Truman got all that installed on Saturday. Yesterday we cleaned out some closets and got a good start on a garage sale box(es)!
Tonight we are scheduled to watch a "Web"inar on Ukraine and the entire process. I'm sure it will just make us more excited and ready to get this started!
That's all for now, we'll post more after we have officially submitted our application.


Rachel said...

Thanks for the preview! Sounds like the same info I got from you for the weekend. Also, did you guys really get CO2 detectors or CO detectors. CO2 is carbon DIoxide, which we exhale... (just being picky ;-) Maybe Truman will appreciate it! Anyway, congrats on getting the whole process started. I am looking forward to reading more as you guys make progress! Good luck and you know i am here if you need to talk! Raq

Susan & Truman Cox said...

Raq - Thanks -- blonde moment - I fixed it!
Love ya!