Monday, July 28, 2008

Can we go home yet??

Nope, we are not home yet. Seems we are getting conflicting information from our lawyers, their assitant, and our social worker. Much like with international adoption, a judge has to make the adoption "legal" and assign us parental rights. We thought that was done last week and now we are finding out that maybe it hasn't been done by the judge?? Hopefully we can get some answers today. We have our home state attny working on it as we speak.
Em continues to be a good baby! But she is ready to get home to her two doggies - as are her mommy & daddy!!! We'll leave you with a couple cute pics!

S, T & E


Michael & Jeanette said...

Condradulations !!!!!!I know ya'll are so excited and happy.

Patty said...

She is SO pretty. Is her full name Emmy? THRILLED FOR YOU GUYS!!!

Christine said...

Wow! Where have I been? Congrats! What a huge blessing! I am so happy for you. GOd is definitely in control. :)