Friday, February 22, 2008

Ukrainian Holiday

Tomorrow is Motherland Defender's Day in Ukraine. Yeah, I don't know what it means either but I downloaded all Ukrainian holidays onto my Outlook and that's what popped up. Just by the title I could guess it has something to do with the Ukrainian Army, but I could be way off.
There was also a mention of Ukraine on my guilty pleasure website, Something about Jessican Simpson and how her new movie is more popular there than in the US ??? Anytime I see "Ukraine" in print I have to read it.
So...I think we will be happy with the restructuring of our agency. We did find out that our dossier has made it to Ukraine and is in the process of being translated. YAY!!
A friend asked me the other day, "Isn't it weird to know your child is alive and living in an orphanage and just waiting for you?". YES! And the sooner we can go pick him/her up the better their life will be (and ours too)! OUR child, and YOUR grandchild, neice/nephew, cousin, 2nd cousin, even great-grandchild is living in Ukraine and waiting to have a home with a Mom & Dad, two dogs and fantastic extended family! We can't wait to meet him/her!!!!


Tami said...

YEA!!! You're almost there!!! :)

momma said...

I can't wait either!!

Christine said...

Wooo-hoo! Ours is almost there!

Nicky said...

WOO HOO! Not much longer. I'm so excited for you. May God bless your journey and your family as it grows.

Jim and Heather Smith said...

My husband and I sound like we are right around the same time-frame as you are for adoption. I'm so excited to find someone about where we are! In December, our faciliator was able to pre-register us for the 2008 quota. We are number 642. They think our dossier turn will come sometime in May with a possible fall travel date. I would love to hear more about your story! check out our blog at Look forward to hearing from you!